An overview of hair transplant in UK

The process of hair transplantation has taken over the people like a fashion movement lately. It has developed gradually as a trend in the past three decades. Dolls hair effect was the initial method used which was actually a part of scalp lifting procedure in the early 1970’s and even a child could tell that one have had a hair transplant. Now over the years that process has evolved into the modern “follicular unit” procedure which is done with such expertise and finesse that even a hair expert can’t identify that if a person had one. In this regard, the work of Dr. Norman Orentreich is very important who began experimenting hair transplant on the bald areas of sides and back of head. This method also known as “Donor Dominance” provided the base for the foundation of the modern day hair transplantation method. Eventually hair transplantation started to get popular and began to attract people from all across the globe. In the 80’s, hair transplantation method underwent a dramatic phase when small punch grafts were used replacing the former larger ones. But not until the 90’s that saw the beginning of a very polished and delicate method of hair transplantation known as the “Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation” method or simply FUT.

Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant
Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant

There’s no doubt that hair transplantation is very common in UK and has become quite a thing lately with the local people. And why not! With the use of latest technology one can get back all those bouncy waves and can look younger with respect to their age. As this new trend is becoming increasingly popular amongst the people, hair transplant cost in UK is also on the rise too. But this boom in prices has not affected people keeping in view what they will be getting in return after spending a handsome amount.  Famous celebrities and athletes have gotten hair transplants too. It’s important to add here that hair transplant cost in UK is not very affordable and one should be ready to pay heavy bucks for going through that process. It doesn’t matter if the hair transplant cost in UK is high or low, the richie-riches won’t be caring much so far.

Three Cases of Hair Transplantation in UK


  • Wayne Rooney: Proves money can make you look young again!

    Wayne Rooney before and after Hair Transplant

The Manchester United star underwent the follicular unit extraction method in Harley Street at a local clinic after he went bald at 25. He shared the news on twitter with his photo of his scalp filled with blood, asking his fans to recommend some good gel for his hair. However, hair transplant cost in UK was still on the rise but considering that he represents one of the greatest clubs of the football, it wasn’t a big deal for him to pay a whopping €13,500 to counter his thinning hairline.

  • Louis Walsh: Why he doesn’t look 63!

Louis Walsh look younger after Hair Transplant Surgery
Louis Walsh look younger after Hair Transplant Surgery

Another famous personality who underwent through the hair restoration method was the judge of the UK reality show “X Factor”, Louis Walsh after he was told by his fellow judge Simon Cowell that he was going thin on the hairs. Discovering great results, he further advised his fellow judge Gary Barlow to fix his head’s ‘emptiness’. Like Rooney, the exceeding hair transplant cost in UK wasn’t much of a concern for him too and he payed an eye popping €30,000 and had the process done by the famous dermatologist Maurice Collins famous for her specialization in Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation or simply “URFUT”.

  • Calum Best: Bringing his style trademark back!

    Calum Best totally change after Hair Transplant Surgery
    Calum Best totally change after Hair Transplant Surgery

Another name worth mentioning here is the British model and actor, Calum Best who began to lose hair at the age of 23. He was so positive about the results that he underwent two surgeries in two years. The famous model also faced the problem of receding hairline and paid €6,000 to tackle this problem. The 32 year old who went bankrupt last year was extremely happy to get his hair back and said he was extremely excited to be able to once again make his trademark spikes hairstyle. Like the previously mentioned people, the raising hair transplant cost in UK wasn’t an obstacle for him too. Seems like celebrities don’t actually care much about anything when it comes to their appearance or so!

Effects causing influence on prices

As mentioned earlier, hair transplant cost in UK is not very ‘consumer friendly’ yet there are several factors that affect these fluctuations in the hair transplant cost in UK. The hair transplant cost in UK mainly depends on two things; which procedure is being used and the number of follicles (with average follicles consisting of 1.6 hairs) one will need, which decides what procedure (Strip or FUE) will be used.

  • Number of follicles

Generally a hair transplant will graft around usually 3000 hairs with a graft cost ranging between 2 to 10 pounds. Considering this, one can accept the introductory price to be almost €6,000. There are several other factors that need to be considered before deciding to undergo the surgery, like sometimes hair transplant leaves scars on that particular area of the head from where the doctors took the donor’s follicles.

  • Procedure

Another thing that affects the price is the area of head that needs treatment. For example, frontal thinning will cost one around €3,500 while if someone tends to bring the hairline forward, this will cost the person around €2,500. Crown thinning will start from €3,000 while general thinning is the most expensive, costing approximately around €4,700 – €5,700. If planning on a more advanced method, the cost will further increase ranging from €5000 to €7000 on an average. About those eyebrow transplants, it will cost one around €2,500 or something. This is just a rough average of hair transplant cost in UK extracted from the research. The hair transplant cost in UK will vary depending upon the clinic one chooses for transplantation.

Hair transplant cost in UK varies
Hair transplant cost in UK varies

Varying of prices w.r.t metropolitan and non metropolitan areas

The hair transplant cost in UK alters from time to time and are not fixed. For this very reason, most of the clinics do not display the costs of transplant on their website. Since prices will vary depending on the head area that needs to be treated and the technique that’s going to be used. For instance James brown clinic does not display the cost of transplants on their website but states cautiously, “If cost is the main factor influencing the decision about whether or not to proceed with hair transplantation, we would strongly advise patients against surgery”.  

The hair clinics located in the metropolitan areas are making quite a fortune as compared to those in the non metropolitan ones. Also to mention that hair transplant from Harley Street Hair Clinic in London is going to be heavy on one’s pocket as it is the clinic where Wayne Rooney and several other celebrities underwent the surgery. The clinics in the mainstream London and other metropolitan cities are going to be costly with no clinic charging less than an approximate amount of €6,000. The DHI clinic in Edinburgh is highly appreciated by its 200000 satisfied customers and is working successfully from the past 40 years and will cost one around €9,000.  

Another clinic is the Rejuvenate hair clinic at the Harley Street that doesn’t display the cost list on their website but according to the satisfied customers, one can get an eyebrow transplant for less than €3,000. According to BBC, the hair transplant will cost at least €7,000 as opinionated by their satisfied consumers who are much satisfied with the results of their respective hair transplants.

Going outside England, another very famous clinic in Belfast is the ‘HairTech Innovations Belfast’ that was highly appreciated by customers stating that the staff at clinic was very polite and professional! While, if one choose a clinic outside the metropolitan area, a slight decrease in price is expected though. For example, clinics in non metropolitan cities like Norfolk, Kent and Berkshire will cost approximately €5,000 for a usual hair transplant while eyebrow transplant cost can be as low as €2,000 and so on. So, hair transplant cost in UK also varies according to regions and places.

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Prices of various hair transplants

  • Frontal Thinning

Price may also vary depending on which area of head is going bald, either its frontal thinning or crown thinning or general etc. Frontal thinning also known as receding hairline is generally the first indication that one is going bald and is also the first stage of baldness in both the males and females. While many claim there are certain treatments for prevention, only two are authentically prescribed by US Food and Drug administration. The main cause of the hair loss as identified by Hair Loss Learning Centre is the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is naturally produced in both genders. It is genetically programmed in such a way that when this hormone exceeds in the body, the hair becomes denser and thinner resulting in frontal baldness. Hair transplant cost in UK of frontal baldness is usually less than its companions averaging around €4,000.

The above shows before and after snaps of hair transplant
The above shows before and after snaps of hair transplant
  • Hair Lowering Procedure

Next in line is the hair lowering procedure also known as ‘bringing the hairline forward’. If one has a high forehead and their hairline is receding, then hair lowering method is the most advisable. It can bring the hairline forward and the forehead too, otherwise looking odd will now look just fine. The procedure that lasts less than 2 hours is usually performed on women and can bring the hairline 2 inches forward. It is also possible to change the shape of hairline, round or oval depending upon the patient’s choice. There are usually two methods used; to remove a small portion of forehead skin using surgical approach and the second one is to bring the hairline forward so that the forehead looks relatively smaller. The hair transplant cost in UK of hair lowering procedure is less than frontal thinning costing €3,000 approximately.

  • Crown Thinning

Then comes crown thinning in which the hairs stop growing in the centre of the head and the person slowly starts to go bald from the centre which then proceeds to the whole head. Crown thinning is the second most common form of hair loss in patients. While many at first thought crown thinning as a natural process, now it can be easily cured. By using the correct combinations of hair growth boosters and medications, results have proved that hair starts growing again, covering the bald part in the centre of head. People facing the problem of crown thinning never gets completely bald but their hairs become noticeably thinner with the passage of time. Mostly hair crown thinning is caused by an unbalanced diet and stress. The hair transplant cost in UK of crown thinning is more than hair lowering procedure method costing around on an average €3,500.

The above picture shows a man having crown thinning
The above picture shows a man having crown thinning
  • General Thinning

Then comes the general thinning of hairs where there is no specific area of hair loss, instead hair falls evenly from scalp all over the head. General hair loss can be caused by disease called thyroid disease or alopecia areata or by infection in scalp called ringworm. If the patient loses all his hairs on scalp then this disease is called alopecia totalis. The main hormone that causes general thinning of hair is testosterone. Hair follicles then convert this hormone to dihydrotestosterone which causes hair loss. Unlike other hair loss causes, general thinning is usually temporarily and hairs start to grow once the cycle of three stages (anagen, catagen, and telogen) is completed. The hair transplant cost in UK of general thinning of hair is expensive than the previously mentioned hair loss causes, costing €4,700 on the average.

Finally comes eyebrow transplanting when hairs start to fall from eyebrows or eyebrow hairs become thin, then eyebrow transplant is used to treat the patient. The most popular procedure to cure eyebrow hair loss is follicular unit transplantation. The hair transplant cost in UK of eyebrow transplant is €2,500.

The hair transplants have been quite successful till date following the advancement in various hair transplantation techniques and per se. The thicker and denser hairs are more of a necessary extravagance for people now days with respect to the changing social attitudes. The ongoing increase in the hair transplant cost in UK is not of people’s concern lately. All they want is a head full of hair follicles that in their opinion would add up to their beauty quotient too, no matter what it will cost them.


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