• 40% percent of men in the US notice hair loss by age 35.
  • 40% of women experience thinning hair by age 60 which is usually triggered by menopause.
  • Three main categories of hair loss causes are Gene factors, Lifestyle factors and Skin conditions.
  • 4 main causes of hair loss : stress, heredity, poor nutrition and illness.
  • Normal people lose maximum about 100 hairs naturally daily, you can try the ‘tug test’ if you are worried about your hair loss problem. Hold 10 – 20 hairs in the middle of your index finger and your thumb then pull firmly but slowly. If more than half of the amount of hair shed, you might have a hair loss problem.
  • The most common type of hair loss is pattern baldness which affect both male & female and occur gradually with age. However, alopecia can happen overnight, at any age.
  • Male pattern baldness affect roughly 40 million men in the United States.
Did you know about these hair loss facts ?
Did you know about these hair loss facts ?
  • Alopecia areata is considered to be resulted from immune system problems, despite the fact that 20% of the patients inherit it from their family members.
  • There are various treatments for pattern baldness such as medication or nutrition. Hair transplant is also one of the most popular method. Find out more about the most effective available hair transplant methods:
  • Number of hair restoration surgeries worldwide in 2010 are : 279,381 – Mostly in America.
  • You can fix the hair problems with balanced diets containing these nutritions :
    • Protein for strong hair locks.
    • Fatty Acid – Omega-3 prevent hair shedding
    • Zinc and Iron are important nutrition to nourish your hair.
  • Surprising to many people, stress is a popular cause of hair loss. Therefore, you can improve your problem by trying to control your stress with yoga, breathing techniques or even meditation.
Did you know about these hair loss facts ?
Did you know about these hair loss facts ?
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