Hair transplantation is the procedure of removing follicular units from the donor area which constitutes the side and back of your head and placing it in the areas where thinning and balding of hair has come about. As hair transplantation is permanent you should thoroughly research before deciding which clinic to go. Here is a list of 10 top hair transplant clinics in London for your reference

  1. Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplant clinic in London
Hair transplant clinic in London

Located at61 Harley St, London W1G 8QU, United Kingdom, Harley Street Hair clinic offers modern techniques of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). From providing consultation on hair loss problems to a complete assessment of ideal hair loss treatments this clinic guarantees best and permanent results.

Known For: over 15 years of experience with a pioneering medical team this clinic is a state of the art institution in London.

Quality of Service:Trusted by peers like General medical council and European society of Hair Restoration Surgery, this clinic provides professional service like:

  • BHT/BHFUE :Body hair transplant and Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction are done with the use of expanding needletechnique, with which hair can be extracted from patient’s other body parts that bear hair.
  • FUE Instrumentation: wholly oriented with various instrumentations of manual, automated and motorized applications and surgeons performing with their own choice of instruments for performing HUE transplantation.
  • Hair Restoration Cost: Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic offers standard hair restoration at a down to earth price, which will not make budget a factor or make you sacrifice on the standard of treatment.

Price range:

  • 1000 Grafts (FUT) at £2000 to 2000 Grafts at £3000
  • 1000 Grafts (FUE) at £2500 to 2000 Grafts at £4500 
  1. Wimpole Hair Transplant Clinic


Located at Hannah House, 11-16 Manchester Street, London W1U 4DJ, United Kingdom, Wimpole Clinic is one amongst the most surgically advanced and well equipped specialist hair clinics in mainland Europe. This clinic also facilitates transplant for eyebrows and beard hair.

Known For:Over 25 years of experience and accredited by Hair Authority, Wimpole clinic is known for providing same day surgery. Other specialties include:

  • Courteous, knowledgeable staff for providing continued support.
  • Gives client a pleasant and excellent experience on every visit.
  • Provide definitive consultation to explain the related procedures to clients allowing them to make informed

Quality of Service: As the leading UK authority in his field, Mr. Michael May, the chief of Wimpole clinic who is also the current president of European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons has been known for providing excellent service for over 25 years.

  • Initial consultation : provides details of hair transplant procedures, plans, a precise assessment of the hair grafting requirements and address any questions or concerns customers have prior to treatment.
  • Detailed personal estimate: following the first consultation a detailed personal estimate is provided with which patients discover that the despite highly-skilled procedures involved cost of hair transplantation is manageable.
  • Limited No. of Consultation: As the consultations each day are limit, due to which customers never feel rushed and the treatment is provided with absolute priority.

Price range:

  • FUE starting from £2000to £10,000
  • FUTstarting from £2000to £6000
  • Eyebrow Transplant from£3500
  • Beard Transplant from £3500 
  1. Crown Hair Transplant Clinic

Located on the historic Harley Street (10) in London’s West End, Dr.Shahmalak’s Crown clinic was established in 2007. With another clinic at Manchester, Crown Clinic has been the choice of celebrities like TV star Martin Roberts and Calcum Beat as well for hair transplant.

Known For: Diverse options of Hair transplant and their own range of Hair Loss products.

  • Provides a one-to-one consultation with Dr. Shahmalak which helps customers to understand the causes of hair loss and informing about the best available surgical and non-surgical remedies.
  • Offering best care and long-term solutions for hair loss problems.

Quality of Service: recommended by International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and American Hair Loss Association plus others, Crown Clinic provides services that are trusted by many.

  • Less painful surgery: To make the transplant less painful, mild sedative or anesthesia is administered into the scalp so that patient feel relaxed.
  • Satisfactory sessions: services are provided based on individual patient’s specific hair type and requirements. A specialist assesses the density of patient’s hair, the size of restoration area and number of grafts required to create a satisfactory look for the patient.

Price range:

  • Starting from £3500 
  1. ARHT UK Ltd.Hair Transplant Clinic 

Located at 285/287, Grays Inn Road,King-cross,London, ARHT Global has branches in Germany, USA and India as well. ARHT Global is operated only by Hair Transplant Doctors and is claimed to be run on “True Medical Ethics”. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified institute that has won many awards and accreditations like Fastest Growing Hair Transplant Org. 2014 and Best Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration Brand of 2015..

Known For:Performs only the most minimally invasive techniques.ARHT is also known for:

  • Over 16,000 successful hair transplants till now.
  • Claims to be the only institute to perform over 50 procedures a day worldwide.
  • HART™ technique of HairTransplantation: Uses the ‘SAFER’ system which facilitates the harvesting of follicles during a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant. This dramatically improves accuracy and speed of transplantation procedure.

Quality of Service:ARHT Global pride itself ongetting the highest number of awards for its Technology and Quality. It provides:

  • Stitch-less, cut-less, scar-less and painless technique for hair restoration.
  • Exclusive extraction apparatus provides 100% accuracy to operating doctor.
  • Implantation is done without any slits or holes unlike other techniques.

Price Range:

  • Unit By Unit Technique starts as low as £2 per graft
  1. Farjo Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplant clinic in London

Located at 152 Harley Street, W1G 7LH, LONDON, Farjo Hair institute is a medical and surgical facility since 1993 with specially trained surgical staff members in the fields of medical hair treatment and surgical hair restoration.

Known For: UK’s only centre of excellence combining hair transplant surgery, hair loss medicine, hair research and hair restoration education.

  • Home to the first hair transplant training academy in UK; offering the highest level of standards for patients undergoing surgery.

Quality of Service:Recommended by British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and many others, Farjo Hair Institute provides consultation service offline as well as online:

  • Provides consultation based on user preference, for instance, if a customer wishes to see a doctor of the same sex then this wish of user is taken care of.
  • Free-of-charge consultation with highly trained and experienced patient affairs coordinators.

Price Range:

  • FUT:minimum fee£2000 for up to 500 grafts.
  • FUE:minimum fee£2500 for up to 500 grafts.
  1. Restore Hair Transplant Clinic

Located atThe Private Clinic,98 Harley Street, London, Restore Hair Clinics are experts in Hair Loss treatments and FUE hair transplants.Restore Hair Clinics have accreditations from International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and American Hair Loss Association and more. Exclusively perform FUE based hair restoration surgeries.

Known For:over 20 years of experience and claimed to have performed 3000 successful hair restoration procedures using FUE technique.

  • One of the few clinics which use ACell as part of the surgery.
  • Claims to possess highest client satisfaction rates in the industry.

Quality of Service:As a team 40% of the work they perform is repair and correction with an appreciation received from clients that the hair looks and feels natural with natural angles and hardly leaves any evidence of any work being undertaken.

  • Their business model is purely recommendation based and hence 90% of their clients come through personal recommendations.
  • None of the clients have complained of post-operative pain or swelling.
  • Their FUE based hair restoration technique guarantees minimal scarring in the donor area and the most natural results.
  • FUE surgery has been voted by patients as the least painful surgical procedure they have undergone.

Price Range:

  • Discussed only after consultation: inclusive price for any procedure will be finalized after customer is comfortable with the outcomes discussed.
  1. Westminster Hair Transplant Clinic

Located at Harley Street, London, Westminster Clinic has completed over 4,500 successful transplants, which has developed an enviable reputation for both of their results and services.

Known For: Providing one hair transplant surgery per day, with that particular patient as sole focus. Consultation and hair transplant surgery only by Dr. Richard Rogers who is also the Medical Director of Westminster clinic.

Quality of Service:Endeavored to provide the best hair transplant service in the UK, but inevitably, costs tend to rise with quality.

  • Provide HPT (Hair microPigmentation Treatment) as an alternative option to those male and female customers who are not appropriate candidates for hair transplant.
  • HPT creates an illusion of thicker hair at root level and infilling between transplanted grafts.
  • A private hair consultation starts at just £75 and lasts 30 minutes with a hair transplant surgeon and consultation made directly with the Doctor and not with a sales representative.

Price Range:

  • HPT: from £750 (Type 2) to £3000 (Type 7).
  1. Kienecker Hair Transplant Clinic

Located at285 – 287, Gray’s Inn Road, London, Kienecker Medical, based in central London is committed to working with clients to help them achieve the image they are seeking.

Rated 5-star by, Kienecker medical has experienced and dedicated medical professionals.

Known For:Over 10 years of experience of surgical treatments:

  • Specialists in Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation
  • Besides assisting with hair loss prevention, they offer hair loss treatments for men and women as well.

Quality of Service:Registered at UK Health Centre, Kienecker Medical implement innovative and industry leading techniques.

  • They can cater for over 3000 follicular units in a single session.
  • Three years’ experience in the unique HDSP technique.
  • Lateral and coronal slit technique (for individual hairline design).
  • Dense packing (up to 70 follicular units per cm2).
  • Ensures permanent natural results by using specialized follicle extraction technique in which each individually taken from the donor are to the balding area for replanting.

Price Range:

  • 4000 Follicular units at£3999
  1. Transform Cosmetic Surgery

Located at Great West Rd, London, Brentford TW8, United Kingdom, with a team of 70 staff Transform Cosmetic Surgery is the highest specifications cosmetic surgery hospitals in the UK. Customers enjoy an exceptional commitment to their health and wellbeing with discretion, privacy and priority.

Known For: Over 40 years of experience, Transform Cosmetic Surgery clinics provide surgical and non-surgical treatments from laser hair removal to vaginoplasty. They provide full pre and post-operative support, involves:

  • Fully qualified and license to practice General Medical Council who follow highest surgical standards.

Quality of Service: offers two types of hair transplant surgery like Micrografting/ Micro hair transplanting and Follicular Unit Extraction for both males and females suffering from hair loss. Surgeries are performed under local anesthetic:

  • Pre-surgery: patient care coordinators will talk to the customers so that a free consultation with a specialist hair transplant surgeon can be provided.
  • Post-Surgery: practical advice on how the treated area will look after transplantation and follow-up appointment for progress is given

Price Range:

  • Starting from£3600 to £7000.
  1. Courthouse Hair Transplant Clinic

Located at 30B Wimpole Street(Entrance on New Cavendish Street) London, Courthouse Clinics offer an extensive menu of Medispaand aesthetic services, both surgical and non-surgical.

They have 11 locations across the UK and provide gold-star rated treatment with peace of mind to customers.

Known For: Highly skilled team of cosmetic surgeons, doctors, nurses and aestheticians specialize in comprehensive array if non-invasive and cosmetic surgery treatments.

  • Usage of quality approved products backed up by extensive safety data.

Quality of Service: As a registered member of Independent Healthcare Advisory Service’s Injectable Cosmetic Providers, Courthouse Clinics are Care Quality Commissioned registered and compliant:

  • They provide services with confidentiality & flexible and personal treatments.
  • From FUE Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Medication to Laser hair removal treatments.
  • Local Anesthesia administered for less pain, stitches need not be necessary as incision sites are small.
  • Hair loss medications like Minoxidil (male & female use) and Finasteride (Male use only) are prescribed only by specialist hair loss doctor.

Price Range:

  • FUE: Grafts starting from £3500

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