Hair Transplants in India

The size of the Indian hair transplants market increased more than 50% in 2012. That is more than the other countries, which make India have so much potential and is the world international hair restoration. A survey taken in India has stated that the segment in hair transplants market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than twenty-five per cent in select places. The Indian survey has also stated that the hair transplants industry has been at the top by doctor managed centers. Many international chains like Berkowitz, DHI, and the Richfeel Trichology Center have set-up hair restoration clinics in popular Indian cities. Most of this chains have increased business due to the clinics in India. The hair transplants industry in India will probably continue to be #1 because of the affordability.

Affordable hair transplant in India 

India is noted to be among the popular destination to get hair transplants with good quality, moreover, having hair transplants in India can save a lot of money. Many people might think because of cheaper price ranges, the quality might not be the best, but in fact, India has excellent quality hair transplants.
Hair transplant in India
Hair transplant in India
There is more care for you due to the ratio of staff to patients and clinics are at high professional level with certified & experienced doctors and technicians. Traveling and having a transplant in a different country can be more convenient with available professional services in the market.
Also, many clinics have immediate service that can speed things up and prevent problems with time. Medical tourism booms in India and many travels to India to seek medical care where they can not find at their home country. In 2014 a number of urban patients increase 176%.

How hair transplant cost in India is calculated?

The price for hair transplants in India is calculated by the number of grafts and the type of hair transplant surgery. The two most popular methods are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
The doctor will consult the number of grafts you need and the suitable hair implant method based on your condition – there are 7 types of balding
Hair Transplant Cost in India
Hair Transplant Cost in India
Moreover, the price ranges will vary based on the clinics, may it be international chains, local hospital or clinic and the service package you choose – whether it includes accommodation, flights, etc for foreign patients.

How much hair transplant cost in India ?

In Delhi, the capital city of India the average hair transplant cost is from RS70,000 (1,000$) compared to the average cost in the US – you can save at least 70%.
This, of course, can be different depending on individual cases.
The U.S and Europe are more expensive than the rest of the world. For example, the most popular Follicular Unit Extraction procedure will cost $7-9 per graft. One clinic called “Harleys Clinic” cost ₹80,000 – ₹15,0000. This clinic is noted to be the best in India and every treatment is done by Dr. Sumit Agrawal, a professional with many years of experience.
Hair transplant in India
Hair transplant in India
Inform Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics clinic’s price range is ₹50,000 – ₹200,000. This clinic focuses on convenience and makes sure everything goes smoothly.
Another clinic called “Dermaclinix” cost around ₹50000 – ₹250,000. This clinic claims to be top ranked and one of the largest clinics in Asia. The Dermaclinix uses advanced transplantation and assures patient of flexibility for their needs.
Another Indian clinic called “Pearl Health” cost around ₹90,000 – ₹140,000. The clinic Pearl health claims to have a professional team that is well trained in their area.
Another clinic called “Prime Hair Studio & Cosmetic Clinic – Ghatkopar Clinic” cost around ₹25,000 – ₹300,000. This clinic has an affordable hair transplant and claim in all aspects are at professional level.
These information above are just for your pricing reference , to assure the quality it’s recommended for you to visit the clinic and talk directly to the doctors as long as check out their previous successful cases.
Hair transplant in India
Hair transplant in India – Hair Fear

Examples of costs of some real case in India

A male patient, 28 years old was losing hair since the age of 20 years. This man was looking for a proper solution to help his hair losing problem. This man came across hair transplants and choose France to complete the procedure. He realized that it was realized that it would be too expensive and search for doctors in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Morocco and finally choose his hair transplant in India. The doctor he chooses was Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. The man needed 3,000 grafts for his balding on top of his head and paid $2,000.
You can find more than 3,000 real hair transplant cases in the website –You can search by city as well.
Hair transplant cost is different for every country and may be expensive for most. Many choose doctors from India due to the low-cost surgery and good quality but make sure you have done intense research before making decision.
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