Our hair is not always a big deal from when we grow up. We make assumptions that we will always have it and will always look good and never picture ourselves without it. This goes on until when we come to realize that it is actually gone. You stand in the mirror and all you see is baldness and a grim face. In this article we will discuss about Hair Transplant in UK.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgery which involves removal of a narrow strip of hair bearing scalp from the back of one’s head and having it filled in an area with less or no hair. Moreover, after the surgery is taken you are able to return to work after a few days as usual and also receive medication in the process until it completely heals. The surgeon also prescribes certain drugs to help improve the hair growth, for example, Rogaine. Hair transplant in UK has top service quality compared to other places.

Before discussing about the quality of Hair Transplant in UK, let’s figure out which your case is.

Hair transplant in uk
Hair transplant in UK

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss can occur in both men and women and depends on the situation. In most cases, hair loss is usually greater in men than in women. Most of women cases are always temporary unlike in men which are permanent. Some of these causes are:

  • Hereditary

It happens to be the most common of them all as it may be inherited from one of the parents or even both by the gene obtained by them. It can begin as early as in one’s twenty thereby ruining a person’s confidence. To many people this is the age bracket that brings about new opportunities and when it does down, everyone goes down.

This occurs when you suffered from a serious trauma, stress, from a surgery or after pregnancy. The reason may be due to the drugs given as medication or the grow cycle of hair being complete. The hair has several growth cycles before the shedding cycle. When you are in stress, he or she pushes or moves a lot of hair to the shedding cycle. This makes the hair shed off at an earlier stage than the usual one leading to hair loss.

  • Thyroid disease

Thyroid is a very important hormone in the body as it assists in metabolism. When low amounts of thyroid are produced, it is known as hypothyroidism thus it affects the growth of the hair and makes it break off with ease. When the amounts of thyroid produced are in excess, the growth of the hair becomes fast as it speeds up and thus sheds off.

  • An unhealthy Scalp

This is may be due to dandruff or even fungal infections such as ringworms making it hard for hair to grow. It is good for us to learn to wash our hair thoroughly so as to avoid certain incidents.

  • Excess Chemicals

When it comes to styling, you might use chemicals to make the hair look good. Hair loss is experienced when you use excessive chemicals by having a lot of shampooing and dying. This makes the hair weak thus it falls off in the end.

Hair transplant in uk
Hair transplant in UK

Before and after surgery

This shows how effective the hair transplant is. With the help of an excellent surgeon, better look brings confidence over. To have a successful hair transplant, he should first have much information of where is the best place to have it done and where to avoid. Ignorance can waste a lot of money and time. When a hair transplant is done poorly, it may lead to infections and even bleeding. Normally, everybody think hair transplant in UK definitely is the top choice based on the price but in fact, poor research can lead to wrong choice.

The area of less hair growth and no growth which appears to be the front part received a narrow strip of hair-bearing scalp making it possible for hair growth to take place. You can also notice that hair at the back of the head and at the sides experience maximum growth compared to the rest of the part. This is the reason why the scalp is removed from the back of the head. There are fewer reasons why a surgeon can use a donor to have the scalp removed. One of them can be due to an infected scalp making it hard for the transplant to occur on the same person. However this is not always a problem as necessary measures can be taken into account.

As noted early, certain drugs, which are prescribed, also come in handy. They promote the hair growth as they tend to improve the process above. However it should be noted that certain drugs may lead to certain side effects. In 1997, many people were affected after consumption of a certain drug which made men become sterile as it prevented some hormones such as testorone from carrying out their task. Testorone hormone helps in the production of the male reproductive cell known as the sperm. The funny part is that no one knew about the side effect posed by the drug even the doctors themselves. Only a few numbers of people knew about it possibly being the manufacturers. Truly, something that is hidden will always come to surface at one point or another.

There are two methods that are used for the hair transplant: the Follicular Unit Transplant and the Follicular Unit Extraction. The results are always similar and both desirable. The Follicular Unit Transplant is the one which was first used and is the oldest method. The Follicular Unit Extraction came in with the aid of technology and is the latest method. The main difference between the two is the way the follicle is extracted before the transplant.

Hair transplant in uk
Hair transplant in UK

Hair Transplant in UK – Services Overview

Depending on the phase or grade of hair loss an individual is in, hair transplant in UK are of good quality when it comes to their services. The guarantee that you will have your hair back for the rest of your life , is worth a try. Hair transplant in UK cost around two thousand and five hundred pounds to seven thousand pounds. Moreover a person usually expects that the higher the cost the higher the quality thus it is good to pay a lot of money so as to get excellent result in the end of the surgery. This is to avoid certain complications or have to take another surgery once again. It is be a total waste of resources when one tries to avoid a higher price or rather the one which is expected and go for a way cheaper one only to get an outcome opposite to the expectations.

The price might be one of the most important factors for you to make decision which clinic to go. The price ranges depend on many factors, doctor’s qualification, advance of the equipment, and more importantly, your condition and the technique they are going to apply. You can have a look of some high-rated clinics specialized in hair transplant in UK here for a better overview.

A tip is, you can choose at least two clinics for the consultant sessions to have an overlook of your case and compare before making decision. It might be a process but it’s better to take things slower so as to know for sure and also for proper planning before the surgery is performed.

Hair transplant in UK is good thanks to the doctor experience and the high quality services, leading to super high cost. However, there are sometimes promotion or good offers from clinics. You can leave your contact in the subscription so we will inform when there is good deal in town.

Hair transplant in uk
Hair transplant in UK

The procedure

The first stage

The first stage is location of the donor area of which the hair follicle will be extracted. The location can be at the back of the head, from the chest, the legs or even the back. The hair is then shortened and thus the client is given a local anesthetic so as to act as a pain reliever. This is to lessen the pain from where the hair follicle is taken. The first stage takes about an hour for it to be done.

The second stage

The second stage involves obtaining the hair follicles from the donor area which was obtained from the first stage. This is done using a micro motor or a plantation robot as the surgeon tries to extract the hair follicles carefully. The second stage takes three hours to be completely done after which they are put in a special solution in certain groups. After the second stage, there is a short 1-2 hour break, before the third stage begins.

The third stage

This is the most crucial or important part of the surgery .This is where the canals are obtained as the front hair line is numbed with a local anesthetic to ease the pain. The canals are gotten using a lateral slit after the depth calculations are gotten. The third stage takes another three hours for it to be done.

The four stage

Hair transplant takes place as the live roots are carefully placed by the surgeon in the areas which have less hair or no hair making the hair transplant process successful. It therefore heals after a few days and thus one will see the results clearly after a few months.

Hair transplant in uk
Hair transplant in UK

The results

Within no time, you will realize that growth is actually taking place in the area with thin hair.

In a month’s time, people will start noticing a new look of you. I guess it will now be bye to old look. It is good for you to be in contact with their doctor. In rare occasions another surgery is required as the first one was unsuccessful or there were certain complications.

The results are always encouraging as gives one some kind of revival and confidence. This has even made some celebrities to be able to venture into their careers more. It is true to say having hair transplanted in UK is top choice of many people. Not only from outward appearance but also from within giving so much drive and energy. As most of the results show, having a hair transplant in UK is actually a reassuring thing and a new flip to new opportunities no matter what one still wanted to pursue from before.

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