Hair transplant in Los Angeles

Hair transplant in Los Angeles has grown phenomenally over the past few decades. In the early 2000s, hair transplant was still a fledgling industry and was viewed with misgivings in many parts of the world. Since then, it has really taken root and begun growing as a prominent market. Since 2006, hair transplant procedures worldwide have increased by 76%. Surveys for 2014 reveal that 397,048 procedures were performed that year alone, with numbers only increasing with each passing year. The hair restoration market was valued a whopping $2.5 billion USD in 2014.

Hair transplant in Los Angeles has become a permanent fixture with the city’s focus on beauty and aesthetics. There are many skilled and experienced surgeons known for treating a range of high-profile clients. Many men experiencing pattern baldness and hair loss due to reasons such as stress, illness or lifestyle choices can now get lasting and effective treatments from experts. Hair transplant in Los Angeles is also accessible to women. Just like men, women face hair loss problems, and they now have many reliable options before them. Procedures include covering bald spots, restoring eyebrows, or lowering the hairline.

Hair Transplant in Los Angeles
Many celebrities have chosen Los Angeles as destination for their hair transplant

The market for hair transplant in Los Angeles is continuing to grow significantly. This is due in large part to the massive influence of Hollywood and a culture that puts great value on aesthetic beauty. Men and women feel a lot of pressure to ‘look good’ at all times, and part of that process is to overcome hair loss problems. Hence the rapid growth of hair transplant in a city where surgeons earn average salaries of $435,741.

Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant

Hair transplant cost in Los Angeles is affected by a number of key determinants:

  • Hair Transplant Techniques

There are two main procedures for hair transplant in Los Angeles. They are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT is the older and more traditional of the two methods, involving the extraction of a strip of flesh from your scalp. It is also cheaper, as the procedure requires less time, precision and detail. The lower skill level required for this procedure can undermine results, however, and the resulting hairline may not be too natural-looking.

FUT Hair Transplant vs. FUE Hair Transplant
FUT Hair Transplant vs. FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is a more advanced technology that extracts one follicular unit at a time from your scalp. The procedure thus involves multiple extractions instead of a single large one, as in the case of FUT. It also leads to the development of a more natural hairline. The process is minimally invasive, lengthy and technical, and requires a high skill level. The cost is also higher as a result.

  • Surgeon

Hair transplant cost in Los Angeles varies widely according to the surgeon you visit. The more skilled, experienced and successful surgeons tend to charge more for both FUT and FUE treatments. They have excellent training, the latest tools, and a highly qualified staff. These surgeons often have high-profile clients like celebrities, which pushes up their cost even more. Vising such a surgeon increases the likelihood of getting the desired results, but the procedure is likely to be an expensive one, and post-op care increases the price even more.

  • Clients’ needs

Your personal preferences affect the cost of getting a hair transplant in Los Angeles. If you want to fill up a bald spot, it will cost less than if you want a full head of hair. The more detailed and time-consuming the procedure, the higher will be its price.

  • Level of hair loss

The extent of grafting needed also determines hair transplant cost in Los Angeles. For people with severe hair loss, a lot of grafting may be needed, and this translates into more work for the surgeon, which, in turn, means higher costs. The more the number of grafts needed, the more expensive will be the procedure.

  • Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is paramount when it comes to hair transplant in Los Angeles. Due to the strong focus on physical appearance in Los Angeles, and particularly in the Hollywood area, many patients have very high demands and expectations. There may be a need for a second procedure due to, say, a progression in pattern baldness. Surgeons are willing to perform additional procedures on the desire of their clients, but this pushes up the cost of hair transplant.

  • The transplant part

Many hair transplant centers in Los Angeles offer additional services, such as mustache, beard, eyelash and eyebrow restoration. These are becoming very popular among both male and female clients. Opting for one or more of these services in addition to a hair transplant also increases the overall hair restoration cost.

Hair Transplant in Los Angeles
Hair Transplant in Los Angeles

Why Should You Choose Hair Transplant in Los Angeles? 

Hair transplant in Los Angeles has certainly become very popular very quickly. There are many large hair transplant centers where patients can receive treatment from highly skilled and qualified surgeons. Investing in such successful and high-profile surgeons makes it easier to achieve the desired results, despite the high price.

Los Angeles is the second most populated US city, after New York. Many Americans prefer getting a hair transplant in Los Angeles due to its advanced cosmetic care facilities. It is also a renowned destination for medical tourism. With its multicultural vibe, a plethora of recreational facilities, and its fame as the seat of the American film industry, Los Angeles offers endless opportunities when it comes to cosmetic holidays. Patients can be assured of receiving the highest level of care during and after surgery.

While hair transplant cost in Los Angeles is higher than in many other US cities, the level of patient care and the high quality results certainly make it a popular choice among people needing hair restoration.

Hair Transplant in Los Angeles
Hair Transplant in Los Angeles

Range costs of high-end and low-end clinics in Los Angeles

The cost of getting a hair transplant in Los Angeles often varies with the location of the clinic. Clinics located in upscale neighborhoods tend to charge higher costs for the same procedures as those located in less posh areas, in large part due to the difference in patients’ spending power.

A major driver of hair transplant cost is the price per follicular graft. Depending on the location, you may be charged between $4 and $10 for each graft. The higher the per-unit cost, the higher your overall hair transplant cost. The full procedure can cost you anywhere from $5000 to $50,000.

Higher-end clinics usually offer patients varied packages with additional facilities. Depending on their personal preferences, patients can choose a package and avail the additional benefits. This automatically raises the cost of the services. While lower-end clinics offer mostly the same services, they may not offer the extra facilities. This causes a distinction in the costs between high- and low-end clinics.

Many surgeons operating in posh neighborhoods gain celebrity status driven by their high-profile clients, and they tend to cash in on that reputation. This also causes a variation in the prices between higher- and lower-end clinics.

Range costs of Los Angeles compared to other US cities

Hair transplant in Los Angeles is among the highest margins for cosmetic surgeries in the US. Here are some of the cost ranges for other major US cities:


Cost starts from

New York

$4,500 – $10,000

San Francisco

$7,000 – $18,000


$2,450 – $10,000

Washington DC

$4,000 – $7,200


$25 – $15,300


From the above figures, it may be observed that hair transplant cost in Los Angeles is one of the highest in the US. The huge difference between the cost in Los Angeles and those in, say, Washington DC and Boston can be attributed to the huge celebrity culture in the former, giving rise to a high emphasis on aesthetic appearance and beauty. This also explains why the market for hair transplant in Los Angeles is so much bigger than those in other US cities.

More information about hair transplant in America 

Real hair transplant cases in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to some of the most skilled hair transplant surgeons in the US. Some of them have become renowned for their high quality services and excellent results.

One such surgeon is Dr. Marc Dauer, a leader in hair restoration and hair transplant. One patient had this to say: “Visiting Dr. Dauer and his wonderful staff has been one of the best medical trips I have ever taken in my life…He is attentive, timely, caring, and kind.” Another reviewer writes, “In this world of cosmetic surgery, it’s hard to find someone you can trust. Dr. Dauer is one of those too rare, trustworthy and honest doctors.” Yet another patient says, “Dr. Dauer truly has his patients’ best interest at heart. He is a very genuine person and takes great pride in his work. And the results speak for themselves.”

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley is another popular name, known widely for his FUE hair transplant. One reviewer says, “Dr Rawnsley and the staff were amazing. The results were even better. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a hair restoration.” Another patient writes, “When I met with Dr. Rawnsley and his staff, I felt comfortable right away… The results have far exceeded my expectations.” A third patient reviews, “Dr. Rawnsley is simply the best in his field…My advice: go for it! It’s worth the investment in your future.”

Going by the reviews, Drs. Dauer and Rawnsley appear to be highly rated in their field. People in need of hair transplant in Los Angeles can consider visiting these surgeons.

You can go to and search for real cases of other patients who have done their procedures in Los Angeles.



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