Hair transplant industry in Mumbai

Hair transplant has become a global market with a net worth of $2.5 billion in 2016. Just like in other parts of the world, this industry is gaining momentum in India as well. Just a few decades ago, hair transplant in Mumbai was a novel concept and viewed with much skepticism. However, due to reasons such as poor diet, lifestyle choices, stress, and pollution, many young men have started going bald in their 20s and 30s. Hair transplant offers them an effective, if slightly costly, way to get rid of their hair-related problems.

Hair transplant in Mumbai has grown significantly due to the massive celebrity influence, social pressure, an increase in awareness, and greater consciousness of personal appearance and health. The Indian hair transplant industry was estimated to be worth 453 crore in 2012-13. Cities with well-developed hair transplant facilities include large conurbations like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Nagpur, and Bangalore. A large number of hair transplant patients are between the age of 25 and 30, when they are tying the knot.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Factors affecting hair transplant cost

Hair transplant cost in Mumbai varies from 45,000 to 135,000, with average cost per graft being 35 to 40. The difference in hair transplant treatments arises due to a number of reasons. The method of hair transplant needed is a major price determinant. The three main transplant procedures used in Mumbai are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). FUT is the cheapest transplant method, costing 20 to 40 per graft. FUE is pricier, with price per follicular unit ranging between 35 and 75. DHI is the priciest transplant method, with the entire treatment costing between 2 and 3 lakhs.

The condition of the patient’s hair is another factor. The pattern of balding and the extent of thinning each patient experiences is different, pushing treatment cost up or down accordingly. In cases of extensive hair loss or thinning, hair transplant cost in Mumbai can run quite steep.

Another factor affecting transplant cost is the desired hair density. Patients who simply want to cover their bald spots will typically be charged less than patients who want a full head of hair.

The number of sessions required, as well as the post-op treatment and care, can also affect hair transplant cost in Mumbai.

FUT Hair Transplant vs. FUE Hair Transplant
FUT Hair Transplant vs. FUE Hair Transplant

Mumbai has become a major hair transplant destination

Mumbai is one of the largest and most populated cities in India. Many Indians prefer to receive hair transplant in Mumbai due to the large number of skilled surgeons here. With so many celebrities and international tourists, it is easy to get access to the latest hair treatments in Mumbai.

Mumbai is the destination of choice for many people needing hair transplants. There are many hair transplant clinics offering high quality treatments at affordable prices. The surgeons in Mumbai are experts in their field and fully qualified to meet patients’ needs. Costs of treatment are 50-70% cheaper than in the US, the UK and Europe. A basic hair transplant surgery costs 50,000 ($750) on average.

 Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Mumbai is a good destination for medical tourism. Here, you can get high quality hair transplants with affordable follow-up care and treatment. Patients can be assured of receiving high level of care before, during and after transplant surgery. Mumbai has a very dynamic culture, and most of the local population speaks and understands English, so language is not an issue either.


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Hair Transplant Cost in India (the industry, cost, real cases, and MORE)

Cost range for high- and low-end clinics

There are many types of clinics offering hair transplant in Mumbai. As a result, prices can vary between treatments. Cost per graft can vary from 50 to 200 for higher-end clinics and from 30 to 45 for lower-end clinics.

Many high-end clinics offer you standard and premium packages with extra facilities such as discounts and free pick and drop. Approximate charges for the standard package are 79 for scalp grafting and 159 for body grafting. Depending on the number of grafts, total transplant cost can range between 45,425 and 408,825. Approximate charges for the premium package are 89 for scalp grafting and 169 for body grafting. Depending on the number of grafts, your total cost can range anywhere from 51,175 to 460,575.

 Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair transplant at lower-end clinics is much cheaper. This is not necessarily because they are less competent than premium clinics, but because they do not provide as many facilities. On the lower side, taking cost per graft to be 30, and depending on the number of grafts needed, your cost can vary between 9,000 and 90,000 for up to 2-3 sittings. On the higher side, taking cost per graft to be 45, and factoring in the number of grafts needed, costs can range from 13,500 to 90,000 for 1-2 sittings.

Cost range for Mumbai in comparison with other Indian cities

Hair transplant cost in Mumbai varies greatly as compared to other Indian cities. The average starting cost for hair transplant in Mumbai is 45,000, which is lower than cities like Delhi (80,000), Kolkata (75,000) and Nagpur (65,000), but higher than cities like Bangalore and Pune (both 35,000) and Chennai (30,000).

On the higher end, average cost for hair transplant in Mumbai is 135,000, the highest in all of India, followed by Delhi (120,000), Bangalore (115,000) and Kolkata (100,000). This is due to the huge celebrity presence, as well as Mumbai’s status as India’s financial, economic and cultural hub.

Hair transplant in Mumbai has become an established industry, with many skilled surgeons offering high quality treatments and patient care. The range of hair care facilities available in the city have made it one of the go-to centers for hair transplant. Going by the reviews, these clinics appear to be two of the best options for hair transplant in Mumbai.




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