Getting to Know the Best Place for Hair Transplant in the World

Turkey has always been one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Being the bridge between Asia and Europe, the country is well-known for a variety of reasons, such as its rich cultures, good cuisine, great sights and hair transplant. Yes, there is such thing as a hair transplant craze happening in this country, and little did you know, hair transplant Turkey has been able to attract tourists from all over the world.

Scene of Hair Transplant Industry in Turkey

Hair transplantation procedures are actually more common than what most people think. The hair restoration industry is worth more than $1.88 billion on the market size figure, globally. Reportedly, the number of hair transplant procedures has increased by 345% in Asia and by 454% in the Middle East, from 2004 to 2011. Hair transplant in Turkey itself is a $1 billion big business that adds to this Mediterranean country’s $7 billion medical tourism industry. In Istanbul alone, there are now about 350 clinics that practice hair loss treatments. Reportedly, about 200 hair transplants take place in Turkey every day, with the majority of patients originated from foreign countries.

Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant
Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant

Turkey is strategically positioned at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, making the country is at an advantage, geographically. After all, it is only about 2-3 hour flight from the major cities in Europe and the Middle East. Many foreigners intentionally make the trip to this Mediterranean country to undergo some hair transplant procedures. It is no wonder because to begin with, Turkey is already well-known for its medical tourism. The majority of the patients in the hair restoration industry is men, and the sex accounts for almost 86% of patients, worldwide.

Hair transplant procedure is fairly routine and it is conducted under general anesthetic. Patients of hair transplant will undergo a modern procedure called Follicular unit Extraction (FUE). It generally takes about five to ten hours, depending primarily on the size of the transplant. The procedure involves drawing on the head, taking a few thousands of hair follicles from the back of the head (where is healthier and hair is thicker), and transplanting the grafts into the tiny incisions on the balding spot on the scalp. All is done with the advanced techniques, so the damage and scars can be minimized. Your scalp will feel tender post the operation and you will need to take some pain medications, but only for some days after the procedure.

Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant
Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant

Pros and Cons for Hair Transplant in Turkey

UK has some great hair transplant clinics, but Turkey is the one known as the International hub of hair transplant procedures for the last decade. You can’t just ignore the fact hair transplant is a business worth of $1 billion in Turkey. Turkey has both experienced surgeons in the field of hair transplant and advanced technologies for hair loss treatment. These surgeons operate in the best medical centers in hair transplant industry, offering high-quality and highly-successful hair transplantation in Turkey. In the FUE procedure, Neograft and a robotic system help speed up the harvesting process—such advanced technique is proven to fetch more foreigners for medical tourism in Turkey.

If we look beyond medical factors, it isn’t too much to say that the unique culture and hospitality of Turkey help attract the hair transplant patients. The Mediterranean country offers its patients several perks that you won’t find elsewhere. There will be no waiting lists, but there may be free accommodation at some hotels, free airport-hotel transportation, and even free air tickets. Last but no least, the price for hair transplant procedure is extremely competitive in Turkey, if compared to UK.

For the cons, hair transplant procedure in Turkey isn’t completely risk-free—but that’s the case with any other operation. Post-operational bleeding or infection and inflammation are always possible, and complications include temporary loss of a newly transplanted hair, difficulties when new hair starts growing and unnaturally looking new hair. Furthermore, compared to in UK, you have to be more cautious about choosing the hair transplant clinic in Turkey. With the hair restoration industry growing big in Turkey, there are always people who take advantage of the craze and don’t bother to keeping up with the medical standards.

Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant Benefits

Cost for Hair Transplant in Turkey

As mentioned before, Turkey has quite a competitive price in the hair transplant industry. The price for hair transplant procedure in this Mediterranean country is about one-third, or even more, compared to the ones in Europe. Reportedly, a hair transplant procedure using the FUE method in Europe and the United States would cost between $7,000 – $25,000. The price for a hair transplant procedure using the same FUE method in Turkey would only cost between $2,200 – $7,000. Those figures are so much lower, aren’t they?
The cost for hair transplant services certainly depends on several factors. The method chosen, the complexity of the procedure, the number of grafts needed, the surgeon and the clinic account for the prices of hair transplant procedures. Why is a hair transplant procedure so much cheaper in Turkey compared to the ones in Europe and the United States? Well, for starters, the general living cost and cost of property is cheaper in Turkey than in, for instance, the UK. This means, a clinic in Turkey would still be taking in similar revenue to a UK clinic, although a patient would pay less in this Mediterranean country than in the UK. Furthermore, the government in Turkey subsidies the hair transplant clinics in the country.

What to keep in mind is the low cost of hair transplant Turkey does not necessarily mean a low quality of the result. People keep coming back to Turkey for hair restoration treatments because other than being cheap, the treatments are proven to be high-quality. The standards, facilities, techniques, technology and surgeons are the best in the industry of hair transplant. As long as the procedure is conducted at a reputable hair transplant clinic in Turkey, one wouldn’t have to worry about the risks of paying less.

Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant
Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant

How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Services in Turkey

Patients certainly want a good quality result from the procedure. Finding the right clinic and surgeon in Turkey is important as the hair transplant should worth the trip. Here’s a guide to choose the best hair transplant services in Turkey:

Ask for recommendations. It is best to gather information from people who have experienced it first-hand. It may be a sensitive matter, but if you happen to know of anyone who has undergone a hair transplant and they seem to be open with their experience, ask them for recommendations. If a friend or a family member knows someone in the hair transplant business, then ask them for the person’s name. After all, word of mouth is still the best way to gather trusted recommendations.

Do a background research. Regardless you get the name of the clinic and surgeon from recommendation or advertisement, you need to do a background research. Go through various sources, both hard copy and online, and read some reviews. Learn about the clinic’s procedures, risks, benefits, and policies, and find out the qualifications of the surgeons. Clinics and surgeons that promise big with illogical low prices may not be the right ones for you. Avoid hair transplant services that seem too good to be true.

Get a consultation. It is best to make a list of several clinics and doctors and pay them a visit for a consultation. You can start by making a phone call or sending and email, but follow this up by a face to face visit. There are many hair transplant clinics, so spend your time (and money) to find the best treatment. After getting consultations and comparing their services, you would have a better feeling of which clinic and doctor to choose.

Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant
Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant

Tips to Go to Turkey for Hair Transplant Service

Turkey has won its hair transplant patients’ trust not only because of its high-quality hair restoration treatment. The country is also loved by the patients for its high-quality customer services in the hair transplant industry. Being popular its medical tourism, Turkey offers many benefits to the hair transplant patients. As mentioned before, you can get several perks like free accommodation, free airport-hotel transportation, and free air ticket if you use the service of particular hair transplant clinics in Turkey. If you live in the UK, find out if your choice of hair transplant clinic can help fly you from UK to Turkey.

Some hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer attractive packages such as free hotel accommodation, airport-hotel transfer and pain medication. You can try asking the clinic you chose if they offer 2-3 nights hotel accommodation, along with airport transfers. You can ask if the clinic offers a few thousand grafts as a free service in one session. If you are lucky, you may even get a clinic that offers big services that even include free extra treatment such as PRP and mesotherapy, to add with flight booking and full board accommodation.

While there are hair transplant clinics in Turkey that provide such attractive customer services, there are also clinics that offer nothing else besides high-quality, straightforward hair transplant treatment. After all, what a patient should really aim for is to get a high-quality, natural-looking hair transplant operated by certified surgeons at a reputable medical center. So do not get carried away with large extents of free offering because those extra services do not necessarily mean better hair transplant treatment.

Before you fly from the UK to get a hair transplant Turkey procedure, you should do your research and contact the clinic in Turkey via telephone or email. According to some hair transplant specialists in turkey, these days, it is even common for foreign patients to communicate with the clinic and doctors in Turkey using not only email but social media as well. Reportedly, many foreign patients like to communicate with Whatsapp when they need to do follow-ups with their doctors. This way, they can update their photos every week and every month and consult with their doctors from home. Just when the doctors need them to be present physically, they will book a flight to Turkey for another treatment.

Turkey is well-known for Hair Transplant

Recommended Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

There is a number of hair transplant clinics in Turkey that offer similar services and competitive prices, so do your research well before making any decision. The following is just a few popular hair transplant clinics in Turkey for you to consider getting your hair transplant done:

AEK Hair Institute. Located in Atasehir Brandium Residence Office, R4 Blok Daire 207 Kucukkbakkakkoy, Atasehir, Istanbul, AEK Hair Insitute was founded in 2014. Although the clinic is young, it is considered one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The founder, Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz is well-known for running the business with high ethical values. AEK Hair Institute is popular for Dr. Karadeniz’ advanced surgical technique that leaves close to invisible strip scars.

Civas Clinic. Situated in Ugur Mumcu Cad 61/6, Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara, Civas Clinic was founded by Dr. Ekrem Civas, an expert in the field of hair restoration treatment. Dr. Ekrem Civas has 16 years of experience and he is the first and the only doctor in Turkey to be certified by ABHRS and FISHRS. Civas Clinic aims to restore the natural look of its hair transplant patients, using the most advanced FUE technique. Civas Clinic is popular for its highly-successful hair transplant procedures and content patients.

Dr. Yaman Hair Transplant. Located in Hurriyet Mahallesi Ataturk kCadddesi No: 45 Gunesli Bagcilar, Gunesli, Istanbul, Dr. Yaman Hair Transplant was founded in 2009. Led by an expert in hair transplant in Turkey, Dr. Resul Yaman, the clinic offers maximum attention to its patients. Dr. Resul Yaman has more than 6 years of experience in the field of hair restoration treatment, and he, himself, had his hair transplantation surgery in 2007. Dr. Resul Yaman and his hair transplant clinic are popular for their high-quality hair transplant services among the patients.

We hope these information have given you useful overlook about Hair Transplant services in Turkey. Good luck!



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