The hair implantation industry is worth over USD$1.88 billion, on the market size figure, worldwide. In the Middle East, the procedures of hair transplant have increased by 454% and 345% in Asia, between 2004 and 2011. In Turkey, hair transplant is a billion-dollar business which adds USD$7 billion to the medical tourism industry. The article will go through the most popular hair transplant destinations in the world. 

Affordable Hair Transplant Destinations
Affordable Hair Transplant Destinations

The average cost per graft in the United States can be between $5-10, therefore the overall cost of a full hair transplant procedure ranges from $3,000 – $30,000. If the number of grafts needed is less than 1,200, the price per graft will be around $8. For more extensive procedures, the cost will be approximately $5-7 per graft.

A hair transplant in the UK will cost between £3,000 – £15,000 (which is $4,300 – $21,500). In Australia, the procedures which require more than 1,000 grafts will cost about $5 – $7 per graft. In these countries, hair transplantation is classed as cosmetic surgery so it is only available in private clinics. 

Affordable Hair Transplant Destinations
Average Cost Of Hair Transplant Around The World

1. TURKEY – from $1,700

Turkey is one of the most popular hair transplant destination with ultra-modern hair transplant facilities. Most of the visitors come from the Middle East and European countries. The “Wayne Rooney” hair transplant in the UK costs approximately 12,000 euros, while in Turkey the same procedure costs 1,500 euros. If an American decides to do a hair transplant in Turkey, he will save up to 80%.

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In India, the cost for hair transplant procedure is 79% cheaper compared to other the Unites States and Australia. There are more affordable places for hair transplant which offer price ranges from roughly USD $540, meaning that the cost per graft is less than $1. However, you should spend time to find the most suitable clinics with high quality. The best advice is to find clinics with good reviews and real cases and then book consultations to compare (normally the consultation is free). Moreover, some Indian hospitals also provide a package for medical tourism which includes traveling fees and accommodation. Popular hair transplant destinations in India are Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore. 

Affordable Hair Transplant Destinations
Affordable Hair Transplant

3. MEXICO – from $3,800 

The tourists prefer the country because of the affordable hair transplant procedure which help them to save up to 70% in total. Moreover, the special focus of the Mexican surgeons is FUE method and natural cures. In 2013, procedures performed in Mexico, Central, and South America amounted to 15,611.

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Greece represents the European market in hair transplant medical tourism. In 2013, the country performed 54,343 hair transplant procedures, and the number has been going up every year. Many professionals from different places worldwide come to Greece to research and train on the techniques. If you are from the United Stated, you can save up to 77% when you have a hair transplant procedure in this country. 


This nation offers affordable hair transplant compared to the United States and Europe. The physicians from this country have received training on the techniques of hair loss and can provide services quickly and efficiently. You will save up to 78% from a hair transplant in the Philippine. One of the reasons many patients choose this destination is that they can stay here during the recovery time thanks to the low living cost in this country. 

Affordable Hair Transplant Destinations
Hair Transplant In Phillipines

6. The Dominican Republic

The nation provides hair restoration with a vacation on the beautiful Island. It has attractive beaches, rich culture, and friendly people. The number of hair loss patients in the country has been increasing and has no sign of slowing down. You can save up to 65% compared to the costs in America when you do hair planting procedure in the Dominican Republic.


The country is known worldwide for its social care and specialized doctors; moreover, the service they offer is at a not expensive. In 2013, their region alone performed 15,611 hair restoration procedures successfully given.

8. THAILAND – from $1,939

Thailand is the leading of medical tourism in Asia, including hair transplant. There are many hair transplant centers with advanced techniques and skilled specialists at a lower cost of 81% savings for patients visiting from the United States.

Affordable Hair Transplant Destinations
Affordable Hair Transplant

9. SPAIN – from $3,000

Spain is a popular destination for cosmetic procedures, including baldness treatment. Cities considered as popular hair transplant destinations are Palma de Mallorca and Alicante. It’s also a good place to combine hair treatment with a relaxing vacation after the procedure.

10. SWEDEN – from $2,000

Although Sweden is expensive as a traveling destination, this country offers very affordable prices for hair treatments. This is one of the most popular choice for European besides Poland and Hungary. An American citizen can save up to 74% doing a hair transplant in these countries.

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