Overview of Hair Transplant Industry

As hair transplant becomes more and more popular in modern society, various destinations have grow as renowned places where you can get your hair problems solved. There are a few factors when cost is considered such as technique, the number of grafts, and the amount of area to cover. This article will provide an in-depth overview of hair transplant cost between different methods, patient conditions and various destinations.

Hair transplantation, in general, has been on the rise, regardless of the reasoning behind the hair loss. In 2014, a little over 394,000 hair-restoration procedures were completed on a global scale. According to these statistics, men seek more transplants than females although 40% of women claimed to lose more than 50-150 strands daily.

. About 89.1% of all procedures focused on the scalp and 10% on other areas of the body.*

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

Moreover, hair transplant procedure is often packaged with vacation trips, which is commonly referred to as medical tourism. In 2015, there was a 28% increase in the number of people seeking hair restoration within the past decade. Close to 1 million people checked into restoration clinics in 2015, with Asia (427,709), America (244,207) and Middle East (125,372) which are the leading regions in the industry. More men (84.7%) than women (15.3%) undertook the treatment. Over half of the patients were under 50 years old.

Hair Transplant Cost of Different Methods

The general calculator for transplant costs is the number of grafts being transplanted. The average cost per graft decreases when the number of grafts increase. Depending on different conditions, a patient will require between 600 and 3,000 grafts to complete a hair transplant. The general range hair transplant price per graft is $4-$12 (£3.1-7.76) in developed countries such as the US, United Kingdom and Australia. Moreover, 600 grafts procedure will cost more per graft than the 1,500 grafts one.

There are different methods of hair transplant depending on your budget and the nature of our hair problem. In practice, hair transplant surgery focuses on taking hair follicles that already exist in other healthy parts and applying them to fill in areas where hair is completely gone or just simply too thin. Based on a few factors, including hair quality, color, hair type, and the general size of the area being covered, the doctor will decide between one of two methods, which will be looked at in-depth below.

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

There are two main processes of hair transplant, the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery/Follicular Unit transplantation (FUSS/FUT) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT involves movement of a group of hair follicles together with scalp tissue, while FUE involves the movement of singular follicles.

In FUT, the doctor extracts a strip of scalp, which is then divided into numerous bits of 3-4 hairs, the donor area, source of strip, is then sewed back and covered by hair in the nearby regions. The process of placing hair in new regions is similar for both processes. It involves numbing the scalp then creating little holes into which the strips or individual follicles, grafts, are gently planted.

On the contrast, in FUE methodfollicular units are harvested from a considerably larger area to gain a sufficient number of grafts. The surgeon will extract each separate follicle on a one-by-one basis by small circular incisions so the scars are look round and tiny.How is the hair transplant cost calculated?

Grafts are prepared before the area of the scalp is cleaned and numbed once more, as needed. The entire process normally can take place in a span of four to eight hours. More treatment sessions might be necessary later on down the road, depending on how well the grafts take and how much hair is lost in other areas of the scalp.

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

FUT procedure will require a shorter time to operate. On the other hand, FUE procedure is more detailed and tiring as it involves the movement of individual follicle at a time. The drilling of holes takes more work and requires a greater degree of concentration and accuracy. As you may guess, FUE is more time-consuming and costs more than FUT. 

However, recent advancements in FUE techniques have improved the process and brought the costs down. Besides the cost, the doctor will base on the patient’s condition to decide which method is the most effective. For example, FUE is recommended for patient who already had a hair transplantation before or for those with tight scalp.

Hair transplant cost also varies from country to country. America, United Kingdom and Australia are considered among the most expensive countries for hair transplant. Many patients from these countries choose to have their treatments abroad. Turkey is one of the most popular choices in Europe with affordable price ranges and skillful doctors. The hair restoration industry here has grown tremendously in the past decade.

Top hair transplant destinations

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant in The USA

The US is a popular hair restoration destination thanks to the diversity of its population, and the great number of visitors trooping into the country for different reasons. However, it is considered as one of the most expensive hair restoration destinations, with cost going up to $15,000 – $30,000 or even more. Because the procedure is not covered by insurance so many US citizens often seek treatment abroad.

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Hair transplant in Mexico

Mexico also benefits from being close by to the United States for the number of tourists coming as patients. The costs ranges from $3,853 (£2,988). Some people might have negative thoughts about Mexico for being a developing country, but what most people do not realize is this country is slowly climbing the ranks as one of the most popular destinations for medical procedures. Patients can expect up to 70 percent in savings by making a trip here.

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Hair transplant in Brazil

As a popular tourist destination, Brazil has also developed the hair specialization industry mainly in the capital, Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo, where the costs are available for around $3,392 (£2,631). One of the main attractions to this country is the fact that people can go on vacation while they also have their treatments done.

Hair transplant in Turkey

This is probably one of the best hair transplant destination in Europe, with at least 500 clinics in the capital Istanbul alone and around 5,000 visiting patients a month. Costs range from $1,700. Hair transplants in this country have skyrocketed in recent years, especially as new medical equipment has become readily available in the country.

Hair transplant in Hungary

This Central Europe nation has a dedicated hair restoration industry budding in the capital Budapest, with services from foreign-trained doctors starting at $1,972 (£1,529).

Hair transplant in Spain

The popular vacation destination offers hair restoration services in several regions, starting at $3,212 (£2,491).

Hair transplant in Sweden

There are also some clinics behind hair transplants in Sweden. The average savings are about 74% in comparison to the United States. Not as many people are traveling here in comparison to the Dominican Republic and Mexico because of the distance needed to be traveled, but numbers are on the rise. Services starting at $2,870 (£2,226).

Hair transplant in Thailand

Thailand is another popular destination for hair transplant surgeries. Thai health practices are renowned, among them hair restoration, which begins at around $3,900 (£3,025).

Hair transplant in India

The country’s large health industry has broadened over the years to include a fast growing and affordable hair restoration industry, where treatment is done starting at $2,000 (£1,551). Most people who opt to go to India for transplant surgeries can expect to save about 79 percent of the cost in comparison to what they might spend in the United States. Due to the rising population in the country, doctors have more patients on which to hone their skills, and they also offer treatments for both men and women.

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Different hair loss conditions

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

The hair loss condition is also an important factor of the cost. Patient classified as “hair thinning” still has hair all over the head but the density is continually decreasing, making the scalp more and more visible. There is “balding” condition with obvious hair loss on certain parts of the head. Balding is classified in grade, with increasing severity from grade one to seven.

Restoration of thinning hair is a detailed process to improve hair density. It is like planting in a garden full of other plants. There is the risk of interfering with the other existing hair follicles, and operating team has to be cautious with distribution of scars.

Balding, on the other hand, allows operating team to work on a clear area which is easier to plaster tissues if using FUT or to drill holes when using FUE. As such, the hair transplant price is surprisingly lower for balding patients than thinning patients.

Why is Hair transplant so expensive?

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

There are a few reasons why hair transplants are so expensive. First of all, the technique takes a long time for doctors to become trained and licensed to do. These techniques also take a long time – somewhere between four and eight hours, as mentioned previously. This work is also meticulous, and it takes a great deal of focus. More people are likely to be in the room to assist the doctor in the procedure, too, and their services all need to be paid for as well.

It is important to note that grafts do not just grow on their own. The right graft will contain hairs that have been specifically selected based on the criteria mentioned above. Because of their tiny size, doctors have to work carefully to avoid damaging the follicle during the transplant process.

The equipment being used also needs to be considered. These tools are very high precision, and they cost a great deal to purchase. They can cost even more to maintain over time, so doctors need to make certain the cost of the transplant offsets the price of the equipment.

Should I travel for Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

There are a few reasons why people might decide to travel for a hair transplant. The number one reason behind this notion is the savings a person can expect. While many other countries use the same tools and techniques as doctors in the United States for hair transplants, they can offer these procedures at a reduced price. Much of this factor depends on the local economy and population. If the economy allows for cheaper transplants, and if there are more people in the country receiving the service, then the cost can be driven down.

There are a few factors to be aware of, though. First, the quality of care needs to be considered. A patient needs to ask whether or not going to a doctor they have never met before to a country they might have never traveled to before is worth the risk. Alternatively, they might not be able to go back to that doctor for aftercare if complications happen after the surgery. Also, people need to keep in mind that they will not be going right home after their treatments. Therefore, a level of discomfort might take place during their travels.

Costs of Transplants on Other Parts of the Body

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

People can also gain hair transplants on other parts of the body than just the scalp. One popular option is for an eyebrow hair transplant. Women who have uneven eyebrow hair growth might be interested in this procedure. Some women fight to keep their eyebrows from growing too much, but many other women have the opposite problem. They might have thick growth in one area and not enough in another. Instead of spending days penciling in their eyebrows each morning, they might opt for an eyebrow transplant instead. Even though this procedure will be focused on a smaller area, it can still be pretty expensive, between $4,000.00 and $8,000.00 to be exact.

Men might experience much the same problem with their beards, except they might not go about penciling them in each morning. Many men have uneven hair growth on their beards, and other than spending hours shaping their bears, they might opt for a transplant instead. The transplant price for a beard can be upwards of $7,000.00.

Real case study and Summary

Hair Transplant Cost in America
Hair Transplant Cost in America

ISHRS studies show that the demand for hair restoration services is increasing, people are no longer viewing hair loss at an early age as a non-issue, neither are they shying away from seeking treatment anymore.

Arenamed Istanbul, for example, offers great hair restoration services, going by the many positive reviews regards their services. A user Alla_331, for instance, got his hair done for $2000 (£1,551) in mid-April, and has been full of praise for the service, results and recovery. He has been offering a day to day experience of his progress, all positive so far.

Icry, who got his hair restoration done for $5,250 (£4,072), talks of being ‘extremely satisfied. He is pleased by every step of the procedure, from the warm reception to the detailed consultation, and special attention given to individual patients. He describes his recovery journey as fulfilling, and recommends Dr. Chivas to hair restoration patients.

These and more reviews from real hair transplant patients available on Realself.com

There are many things to consider with the cost of a hair transplant. However, traveling abroad to have the procedure done is becoming more popular solely for the sake of saving money. In many cases, the same level of care is given to patients from all around the world so that the experience could be more than worth the trip.

Hair Transplant Cost
Hair Transplant Cost

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